What started it all. 

As an intuitive tarot reader, I approach tarot divination as an over-flowing source of advice, wisdom, and lessons. 

I channel these messages by accessing your energy field and interpreting the correlation between the imagery on the tarot cards and my intuition, which guides me to the right words and analogies to express and communicate the messages in a way that you will be able to understand and learn from. The messages received are provided by your highest self, the spirit guides that protect you and Spirit who is constantly looking for us and our well-being. 

This provides us with insight, clarity and a sense of confirmation as we navigate the complex cycles of life. 

All readings are remote, provided through the phone (video chat is also available in case you'd feel more comfortable that way or you are more of a visual person) 

On my booking site you will find the different sessions available, when you book: you're providing me with a schedule request, once confirmed you will received an email from me to discuss further details. Payment must be received in order to provide confirmation. 

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