Bruja Caribe, also known as #TheBrujapothecary est. 2015 is a digital botanica, space where all my herbal remedies, concoctions, recipes, and alchemical experiments co-exist and thrive. A series of personal experiments powered by my natural curiosity, my journey as a magik+spirituality student and extensive research+trial/error on herbalism, alchemy, and kitchen witchery, rapidly transformed onto seasonal hand-crafted tools and recipes to fulfill the needs of all kinds of practitioners. From Sal de Bruja (my personal blend for black salt) to So'Flo Wata (one of my first recipes, a softer Florida Water for those who are not big fans of the overwhelming scent of cologne or have a sensitive sense of smell), everything that comes from my mortar and pestle has been doused in prayer, chanting and ase. With the blessing and guidance of Spirit, made by manos and never machines. 

The shop is temporarily closed but opening back up very soon. 

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