Maria, a.k.a Omi, The Bruja is an spiritually inclined leo sun, virgo moon from South Florida, the South of The Swamp via The South of LatAm. with roots that can be traced back to Venezuela and the Caribbean. 

An intuitive tarot reader, spiritual advisor, herbal worker, artist and aborisha, that believes spirituality is an essential tool to attain liberation and create change in our communities. 

She provides insight thru divination systems, such as the tarot and oracle cards, plus seasonal alchemical products, as well as herbal blends and other spiritual tools thru Bruja Caribe

Bruja Caribe, est. 2015 was born with the intention of crafting experiences that would help us open the path to heal, exist, resist and persist while centering and providing accessible healing and spiritual insight to black & brown womxn, femme and nb individuals.


Values that became the foundation for #magikforthepeople a.k.a M4TP: a donation-based, "melanated as f*ck", online magik school created in mid-March 2020, during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to feed the need for community, connection and spiritual awareness in the times of Social Distancing and #StayHome.

M4TP provides valuable information and resources to empower our community as we rediscover ancestral veneration, spiritual practices, herbalism, divination and other essential tools+skills that help us turn our magik into a revolutionary tool to bring clarity and confirmation over the uncertainties of the future. 

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