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it's about time we took back our magik: together. 

Intuitive reader, bruja, alchemist, and wise-woman in the makin'

If you feel called to work with me, this is how we can make that happen

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spiritual+ritual work 

all work requires previous divination to clarify what's needed. 

pricing for spiritual/ritual work will be discussed during divination.

If you’re interested in working with me for speaking/teaching, collaborations or any other professional  opportunities, please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch shortly.

If you have questions about a service, an appoinment or any other kind of inquiry, please indicate your need in the subject line of your message. Gracias!


"I always come to you when I know I need to hear the truth because I know you’ll give me the good, bad and the ugly. I’ve gotten countless tarot readings from you at this point, but recently took a spiritual bath that you made for me. It was so magical. Through readings over the past year, you pointed out that I had been working myself too hard and had disconnected with my divine feminine. Through this bath, I was shocked by how sleepy I was. I was sleepy 16-18 hrs a day for three days. But by the last day I felt so rested, light and clear. It felt like layers of fatigue had peeled off of me. I find myself dancing and singing and cooking and gardening. Also your note to reposition my altar was spot on! Your work is so important. Thank you so much for what you do and all your help!"

(Readings, Spiritual/Ritual work, Ancestor Divination)


"I hadn't met you before and we hadn't even spoken on what was going on in my life or in my head before my reading so it was incredible to listen to you hit everything right in the nose. Throughout the experience, I just wanted to stop you for a second and explain how extremely on point the reading was, I was shook.  Thank you so much for providing me a way to access the messages from my ancestors and the support that I needed in a difficult time."

(Tarot reading)


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I was a baby witch once, not sure of where to start or what to do: #magikforthepeople is my way of paying homage to the never-ending journey of learning and providing a way for others to remember the knowledge that is already ours. We just need to tap into it together. 

Brujxs, witches, healers and the spiritually inclined...this is for us, to remember we are never alone in our journey while simultaneously helping beginners take their first steps into the waters of their own power and discover their place in the community.

So, whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a baby witch, there's is a space for you to share and learn, welcome to the classroom

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