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hi, my name is omiyinka


but when we talkin' magik: most of you may know me as bruja caribe. 

i'm a champion for #divineduality, artist, songwriter, creator and real down to mars bruja and wise-woman in the makin'

i'm all about different kinds of magik, including herbalism and divination as i'm passionate about tarot and crafting herbal experiments and seasonal alchemical goodies to help myself and others click into our power. 

if i'm not slangin' cards or puttin' in the work at my altar or by the ocean, i'm using my creative gifts to make music, edit videos, dabble in digital design and content writing or simply deep-diving on the internet to teach myself something new! 

bruja caribe, est. 2015, was born with the intention of crafting content, spaces and experiences that help us open the path to heal, exist, resist and persist. besides providing digital/in-person intuitive readings that you can book here, I usually offer insight #freegame on astrological transits, seasonal tarotscopes, messages for the collective and donation-based readings on my Instagram stories.

my work highlights the importance of accessible healing and spiritual insight for black & brown womxn, femme+nb individuals. creating a safe space to explore different aspects of magik as a way to provide a light and a sense of control in what can feel like a dark world. through community gatherings and workshops as well as participating as a tarot reader and vendor in various events all over the Miami+South Florida area.

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